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Ozio's massage chairs offer your establishment a "no worries" solution.


These “Massage Therapy Centers” have been successful in many high traffic venues or establishments for a number of years,


The massage chairs are a simple, cost-effective way for your organization to turn unused floor space into a profit center

Recent News

Boost Your Revenue on an Ozio Media Massage Chair

The pioneering genius of the department store and early innovator of realizing the power of advertising, John Wanamaker, is oft remembered for his, now dated, brilliant observation that: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Do you ever feel that way? If so, there’s no

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Ozio’s Media Massage Chair Coming to a Mall Near You…

Everybody enjoys a massage from time to time, especially when worn out from a long day of Christmas shopping. Tis the season for long lines and hectic maneuvering to get those last minute gifts, so why not treat yourself to a refreshing break while visiting your favorite mall with a FREE, five-minute massage. How? Simply

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