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Our Equipment

All of our massage chairs are specifically designed to meet the unique demands of commercially-operated equipment. We have worked closely with vendors, engineers and massage professionals to design and develop equipment that could meet the specific criteria: comfort, durability and aesthetically pleasing materials. The chairs were specifically programmed to ensure that each customer receives the most complete, authentic massage therapy possible within the predetermined time increments offered by the chair.

Our patented Multimedia Massage Chairs™ offer a sophisticated, reliable, authentic massage while entertaining its patrons through a vibrant touch display.

  • Quality construction provides the ability to withstand heavy commercial use.
  • Chairs have no moving parts, such as extendable footrests and reclining backs, to ensure safety as a top priority. In addition to safety concerns, the fewer the moving parts means less downtime which helps prevent revenue loss.
  • Every chair component is removable and replaceable. With repeated use we realize that some parts of the chairs may become worn, such as the leather padding, or may be vandalized. Therefore, we can easily replace damaged or worn components within a short time frame.
  • Chairs are secured together by a steel connecting plate to ensure safety and durability. The connecting plates are capped in plastic to make the connecting plate virtually invisible to the customer.
  • The touch display offers patrons the opportunity to get FREE massages in exchange for taking surveys. It also provides the patron the ability to check out upcoming movie trailers, new music, as well as viewing what wonderful deals and promotions that the location has to offer.


The configuration of the Massage Therapy Center can be customized to fit the available space. The Massage Therapy Center can be arranged in a pod with back-to-back chairs or can be arranged all in a row. The number of chairs can range from 2 to as many as the establishment can support with traffic flow. The chairs can be place virtually anywhere, such as in place of a bench or other soft seating, at the base of an escalator, or any other idle space desired.

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